Photos - 2014 - England - London

Photos from London

Ukulele Cabaret White Tie/Ukulele Cabaret White Tie at Lincoln Lounge
Folly Mixtures Feb/Folly Mixtures show for February 2014 at Madame JoJo's
Ukulele Cabaret Love Gone Wrong/Ukulele Cabaret Love gone wrong at Lincoln Lounge
It Is Rocket Science/It Is Rocket Science recording.
Folly Mixtures All Things Sweet/Folly Mixtures all things sweet show.
Ukulele Cabaret Fashion/Ukulele Cabaret Fashion edition
Ukulele Cabaret Across the Border/Ukulele Cabaret across the border
Ukulele Cabaret Circus/Ukulele Cabaret runs away to the circus
Ukulele Cabaret Across the Pond/Ukulele Cabaret across the pond
WSO June Concert/Wandsworth Symphony Orchestra concert in June 2014
Folly Mixtures 4th Birthday/Folly Mixtures 4th Birthday Party at Madame JoJo's
eBay 2014/Some stuff to sell on eBay
Construction Rocks/Construction Rocks charity battle of the bands at The Vaults in Waterloo
Ada Lovelace Live 2014/Ada Lovelace Live at the Royal Institution
Becca Rowing/Rebecca Wheeler in London for the Four's Head.