Photos - 2007 - England - Newcastle Trip

A day trip with Kim. We went down to Berwick upon Tweed, did a quick round trip out to Holy Isle over the causeway, drove down to Alnwick, met up with John, visited Alnwick Castle, went cross country to Housteads Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall and then dropped by the Angel of the North when we went back to Newcastle. There was a side trip to Moore and Ede street so that Kim could see the streets named after her grandfather before going over the Mini Sydney Harbour Bridge and back to John's house.

Berwick upon Tweed/Berwick upon Tweed
Holy Isle Causeway/The causeway out to Holy Isle at low tide.
Alnwick Castle/Alnwick Castle
Housesteads/Housteads Roman Fort at Hadrian's Wall
Angel of the North/The Angel of the North