Photos - 2001 - WSC 2001

The World Solar Challenge is a race from Darwin to Adelaide for solar powered cars. Sungroper was the culmination of about 18 months work to build the car and enter the race in November 2001.

Sungroper/Photos to do with Sungroper
Official Launch/The official launch of Sungroper on the Ozone Reserve
Platypus/We were quite friendly with the Platypus team from Mackay in Queensland
Getting There/Peter, Skippy and I did a road trip to Darwin with Sungroper in tow
Darwin/We spent some time in Darwin getting sorted out before the race
Qualifying/We had to qualify before the race started.
Race/The 2001 World Solar Challenge
Coming Home/Skip caught a plane and Peter and I did the road trip home with Liz and Neil