Photos - 1995 - WWDC Trip

I travelled to San Jose to attend the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. From there Quinn, Peter and myself travelled by road back to Denver where Marcus was living. We went through Yosemite on the way. Following that, Quinn and I flew to Washington DC where he hopped on a train to Deleware and I went north to New Jersey. I returned to Washington DC and Quinn joined me there. We flew to Seattle, crashed in on Adam and Tonya and then drove out to the Eastern part of Washington State. We finally flew down to San Francisco and after a couple of days returned home.

WWDC/The Apple World Wide Developer Conference
Yosemite/Yosemite National Park
Road Trip/The Road Trip from San Jose to Denver
Denver/Marcus lived in Denver, Colorado.
New Jersey/Visiting Patrica Ju in New Jersey
New York/Visiting Kimberley Grossi in New York
Washington DC/Visiting Misha in Washington DC
Washington State/Visiting Adam and Tonya and Carrie in Washington State
San Francisco/Couple of days in San Francisco